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SCO Must Pay $2.55 Million In Unix Kerfuffle

By Doug Caverly

It's too bad every frivolous lawsuit doesn't wind up following this pattern. The SCO Group, which was originally pursuing Novell, has been ordered to pay the company $2.55 million for "unjust enrichment, breach of fiduciary duty, and conversion."

According to a ruling posted on Groklaw, SCO licensed Unix to Sun Microsystems and collected a great deal of money in exchange. United States District Judge Dale A. Kimball is now sending some of the cash Novell's way since SCO didn't have the right to certain royalties.

Interesting, no? And as Kelly Fiveash writes, SCO originally "kicked off the legal spat in January 2004 by slapping a slander of title action lawsuit on Novell in which it alleged that the software company improperly claimed to own UNIX SVRX copyrights that rightfully belonged to SCO."

Unix users aren't likely to have their day-to-day existences affected by this ruling, of course, but Novell tends to be an absolute industry favorite in comparison to the SCO Group. And since SCO has been known to sue just about everybody, there is the possibility that some users will be spared problems.

There are also the disparate possibilities that SCO will somehow win on appeal or declare bankruptcy.

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