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Unix Scores Well On Reliability

By Mike Sachoff

A recent online survey has found that all versions of Unix are achieving 99.9 percent reliability according to the Yankee Group.

IBM's AIX Unix led all server operating systems for reliability with just over 30 minutes per server of annual downtime.

Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems also did well.

The top Linux distributions Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell SuSE Linux had the largest reliability improvements.

They both cut per server downtime by an average of 75 percent per year.

Windows Server 2003 downtime increased by 25 percent to nearly 9 hours of per server, per year downtime.

The decreased reliability is due to a series of security alerts Microsoft issued in the summer and fall which cause network administrators to take their Windows Server 2003 machines offline for significantly longer periods of time to apply remedial patches.

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According to the Yankee Group," In general, none of the major server operating systems -- Linux, Macintosh, Windows or Unix are today beset by the long list of bugs that plagued their predecessors back in the 1980s and 1990s."

"Additionally, there is far less disparity now, in the number and severity of unplanned server outages and the time that businesses experience on their standard Linux, Windows and Unix platforms, than at any time in recent memory."

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