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[2003-04-14] Setdate
The "setdate" is just a more user-friendly front end to changing the date and time:

[2003-04-14] Shell Bashing
It was about three o'clock on a Thursday afternoon when Kevin called me.

[2003-04-14] Basics- ssh
This article primarily discusses OpenSSH. If you are using SSH1 or SSH2, some of what is covered here will not apply to you or may have slightly different syntax.

[2003-04-14] Hylafax for OSR5
You'll probably save yourself a lot of trouble if you just decide now that a better place to run Hylafax is on a Linux machine.

[2003-04-14] SCO OSR5.0.6
Because of an unexpected schedule change, I found myself with a whole day open one recent Tuesday.

[2003-04-14] Peek
Peek, by Computronics (, is a user monitoring/control tool for character based applications. Most Unix platforms are supported, including Linux and SCO OSR5.

[2003-04-04] Red Hat Linux 9 Review
Red Hat installations are becoming pretty boring now - always the same thing - which is a very, very good sign.

[2003-04-04] Cron, Batch and At
These three commands are used to run commands at some other time. They differ in their usage, their environment, and their default actions, so are sometimes a source of confusion.

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