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[2003-09-30] How to Monitor Windows NT from Unix
Many system administrators are running Unix / Linux based monitoring and alerting for a long term. The basic idea behind a successful monitoring and alerting system is to centralize all system events at a single monitoring station. Once the information is centralized, it can be used to build an alerting system or even carry out corrective actions.

[2003-09-23] Unix Permissions
These are classic Unix permissions. However, many modern Unixes support extended attributes that go beyond this. We'll look at one example of that later in the article. You also need to know that Unix and Windows permissions don't map well to each other, so if you are using something like Samba or Visionfs , you need to understand how permissions will be shown and honored. Some examples of that are shown later.

[2003-09-15] Kernel Link Failures
That's a pretty awful feeling, isn't it? You've got to link a new kernel because you need to change a value or needed to add something, and it fails.

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